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About Us

Du Plessis Sand started business in 1979 with a single truck. The Company developed into a large fleet consisting mainly of tipper vehicles, flat deck trailers, trailers for medium-sized abnormal loads and also earthmoving equipment.

Our Mission

As a reputable enterprise, we aim to be the preferred supplier of logistic services through market related rates, backed by an efficient transport and commodity broking.

Our Services

Du Plessis Sand transports a wide variety of commodities such as coal, fertilizer, cullet, chrome, steel shavings, etc. The main focus is bulk tippers, flat deck trailers and earthmoving equipment.

Logistics Company - Vaal Triangle

Du Plessis Sand is a professional transport and logistics company with its head office situated in the Vaal Triangle from where it renders a service to the industrial, mining, manufacturing, engineering and chemical industries countrywide as well as to neighbouring countries.


We operate a fleet (long distance as well as short haul operations) which consists of:


 Bulk tipper trucks

Flat deck trailers


 Rigid vehicles

Vehicles with cranes

 Abnormal load trailers

Small delivery vehicles

Commodities that are most commonly transported are coal, fertilizer, chrome, iron ore, steel shavings, scrap iron, hazardous waste, cullet, palletized products, etc. Construction and earthmoving equipment is also available and consists of Bobcats, Front end Loader's, TLB's, Excavators, etc. A professional transport and commodity broking service is also offered to further assist customers.

Cross-Border Logistics       Local Haulage Services
  Commodity Broking   Fleet Management  



We take pride in ensuring that our customers’ cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time. Our success in the industry is evidenced by our track record over the past 33 years in business.